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We are grateful for all of
the help from James May
(Oscar's Dad) in helping
with the "Kids Talk We Listen"
survey on March 20th


Weekly Themes

Mr. Potato Head

Mr. Potato Head

Dump and fill

Our Earth Our Future

Santoki, Mountain Bunny

Flower Power


Toddler Room News

Welcome Marcus, Yara and Yama
To the Toddler Room!

Santoki - Mountain Bunny

Mountain bunny, bunny
Where are you going?
Hopping, hopping while running,
Where are you going?
Over the mountain pass, pass,
I will climb it alone.
Plump, plump chestnuts
I'll find and bring some home.

Coming Soon

Hockey Day
Wear NHL Gear - April 8

Easter Noodle Doo & Egg Hunt
- April 26 @ 4 PM

Mother's Day Celebration
- May 17 @ 5 PM

Father's Day Celebration
- June 14 @ 5 PM

Moving Up Ceremony
- June 2 @ 5 PM