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Food Guide

At Tinkerbox Child Development we believe nutritious and well rounded meals are integral to happy and healthy children and instilling these good habits early in life will benefit the children into their adult years. Menu planning is based on Canada’s Food Guide recommendations. We provide a morning and afternoon snack each containing a minimum of 2 food groups. Lunch is made using all 4 four food groups.  We have an ongoing 4 week menu plan:

Eating Together

Kids Eating

Research suggests that sitting and eating together has numerous benefits for children. All children are seated during lunch and snack times, in an effort to promote good habits and safe eating practices. Staff also sit, eat, role model and engage in a conversation with the children during meal and snack times. Finally, no beverages will be given to children while they are lying down on the mats or napping.

Unique Dietary Needs

Diet Needs

Children with strict medical conditions or following a specific dietary lifestyle (vegan, organic, etc.) are welcome to bring their own lunch and snacks. For children with food allergies and dietary restrictions, we will provide a healthy alternative or parents are welcome to send their kids with food. All food allergies and dietary restrictions are reviewed regularly and posted in each classroom, as well as, the kitchen.

Others are only allowed to bring morning and/or afternoon snacks as long as they follow the recommendations of the Canada Food Guide.This means NUT FREE, no peanuts or any kind of nuts. Juice boxes, chips and candy snacks are NOT permitted because they do not conform to the nutritional guidelines. If the alternate snacks provided do not meet the Canadian Food Guide we will supplement it with a healthy alternative.

The planning is reviewed annually by the License Holder and Program Director to ensure that our menu meets the changing nutritional guidelines of research and Canada’s Food Guide.Changes in the menu for a particular day will be noted and communicated to the staff and parents thru the child’s daily journal.